• Earn Income for Helping the Planet


  • What We Do

    We leverage our extensive experience, expertise and network to maximize the value of your property.

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    For Property Owners

    Earn the Most Income for Your Property

    Real estate is a precious asset in Washington, D.C. Solvitect thinks way outside the box, harnessing the most advanced clean technologies to wring out the most value for you from every square inch of your property. This allows Solvitect to pay you the most rent for your rooftop or parking lot. Solvitect bears all costs and risks of installing, owning and operating the equipment. Property owners simply enjoy high rents for their site.

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    For The Environment

    Maximize the Benefits for the Environment

    Solvitect integrates roofing solutions with both energy and non-energy related sustainable urban infrastructure to maximize environmental benefits on the same footprint. Our roof specialists plan strategies to care for and extend the life of your roof, reducing long-term costs.

  • Who We Are

    Innovative Designers

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    A Creative Team with Deep Experience

    Finding & Unlocking Hidden Real Estate Value


    - Over 100 years combined experience solving difficult finance and real estate problems


    - Designed/Engineered thousands of roof and parking lot solutions


    - Successfully tailored over a billion dollars of financial, real estate, renewable energy and environmental infrastructure solutions


    - Worked with over 20 of the top 25 EPCs


    - Worked with all of the nation's top 10 roofers and manufacturers